Online gambling addict is what I used to be. What I managed to become in time and what I left behind.

I am familiar with pain which will not easily go away, with debts that I still pay, with loneliness, hardship, the erosion of self-esteem, lack of sleep, stress and the black that is surrounding you when you feel alone and you cannot see the light anymore.

Therefore, I decided to publicly talk about my weaknesses, my addiction and by doing that, hopefully heal my wounds but also, if possible, even if in the slightest way, help others.

I am not a doctor, I do not own the truth since no truth can be owned, I do not have a magical formula, I just want to share my experience with other people that may find themselves in the same situation and ultimately help each other.

Even if you are not an addict and maybe just an occasional player or even though you are not a gambler yourself you may still find interesting articles or stories that will be published here. Why? Because your boyfriend, your girlfriend, husband, wife, relative or a friend could be affected by this and you may not even know it.

The most important thing that you have to understand is that unlike other addictions, gambling is not something that you could easily see. There is no visible smoke like there is with the cigarettes, there is no happy or angry euphoria that is visible when somebody is drunk, there are no signs of needles like there might be on an drug addict, there is basically nothing. There could be a change in behaviour, you might suspect stress or anxiety, but the reason for that could be literally thousands of causes and that combined with the lies that any gambler will tell to anybody but not more damaging than the ones that he tells to himself, could lead to a tragedy that could of been avoided if we only have been aware.

Just think about the fact that I could be somebody that you know but you had no idea about this. Until now.

If you had the patience to read this, it means that you have an interest in this subject and maybe you will follow me in this journey.

I am Ryan. Happy to meet you. If you would like to find out more about me you can read “Personal Introduction”

Thank you for your time. I deeply appreciate it and… let’s talk.


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