What about poker?

While I was a teenager, poker became more and more popular in the sense that there was a lot of it on TV. You could watch the biggest tournaments in the world and what got me interested in it was, of course, the final tables where a few players were left and at some point, the million or millions of dollars was cash right there on the table. I mean… The idea that by being good at a card game, cards that I think 99% of the population have in their home, you could win millions of dollars was unreal.

And so I read a couple of books about it, learn the basics and then kept studying more in-depth. I realized how much psychology is used in poker and to this day I find incredible the fact that you can still win regardless of the cards that you have.

I probably have to mention that the poker version that I am talking about is Texas Hold’em No Limit.

After I graduated from high school I was thinking about what is next for me. And I would have wanted to be a lawyer or an entrepreneur, or to study psychology or to be a scriptwriter. Or a writer of any shape or form. That would have been the things that I actually wanted to do. It wasn’t long until my mother told me that she does not have the money to put me in college so I tried to get a job.

After applying at hundreds of jobs in the morning pretty much every day, I would start to play poker and study the game for the rest of the day. And there were a lot of freeroll tournaments where you could play for free and if you were in the last 1-2% of the players left you would get a ticket to another tournament with real money prizes.

My best result, I think, I was in the last 27 players out of 9000.

That went out for months until I finally got a job. I haven’t had the time to play anymore and put all the ideas of any kind of gambling aside. I was 19 years old at the time.


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